IPS Engineering

IPS Engineering is an Italian Company active in the Process Plant Technology and related services. We apply our engineering capabilities over the entire range of industrial processes.
It founded in 2007 as a local consulting company, is an engineering company, providing specialized advisory services to broad range of industries  such as chemical, petroleum, pulping, power generation, waste treatment, alternative fuels, and more. Read more

Licensed Technology

We  can  design, manufacture, erection and start-up or supply turnkey project of plants for the our licensed technology in Oleochemical  field and in Non Wood pulping Technology.


Biochemical Engineering 
Pulp and Paper.

Product & Services

We have a complete range of value-added services that underpin everything we do.
These include our advanced engineering services professionals who seek the best technical solutions to our customers’ challenges.
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Energy Management

With market conditions ever changing and increasing environmental regulations, everyone is looking for ways to lower energy costs, reduce consumption and environmental impact.  we bring special benefits to our clients by offering high value Energy Managment Work at an extremely affordable price. Read more

Technical Book & Catalog 

Take your time. Pore over every detail. Read our basic information Catalog. Select the brochure for your application and download.
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