To retain high value quality, increase efficiency, reduce process variability and costs and finally be competitive;
We conduct technical and business consulting services through a succession of stages necessary for the success of any initiative.  
We assist customers in the project development and realization process – from the preliminary research, feasibility study, conceptual design, technology selection, assignment of tasks specification to the detailed engineering design, procurement, construction, commissioning & start-up, maintenance & optimization and personnel training.
This unique focus allow us to develop services to trigger process improvement, providing a range of " Services to Compete". In this manner, with market conditions ever changing, we offering the engineering services at an extremely affordable price.


Basic Engineering
  • Complementary Conceptual Process Design studies
  • Preliminary cost estimates
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Alternatives evaluations studies
  • Capacity evaluations/rettrofiting & revamp studies
  • PFDs development
  • Evaluation of 3rd party process designs
  • P&IDs development
  • Control scheme development
  • Equipment Specification and Selection
  • Equipment & Plant Layout
  • Utility Systems Expansion and Upgrades
  • Modelling and Simulation of Batch, Semi Batch or Continuous process
  • Complementary Unit operations Design


IPS available work force is approx 8,000 high-qualified engineers man-hours (EMHS) per year. Additional manpower can be easily mobilized: through permanent sub-contracting agreements with other engineering firms 15,000 EMHS per year can be reached.
Company Work Force